Life of a volunteer
Life of a volunteer is not always easy. As this is my first EVS i have been faced with a lot of new and difficult challanges. Every day working with Gražute has learned me something new about myself and life its self. So far we have done a lot of different things and i have developed some new useful skills that i hope to use in the future. I have also learned a bit of lithuanian language. we have also done some brilliant activities on the weekend. We have experinced a traditional lithuanian market. We have experienced traditional Lithuanian dishes and met some of the locals. Hopefully i can make some more amazing memories during my final 2 weeks in salakas while working with all the amazing people here at Gražute.
Last days
So, what to say? I am Ani, I am 25 and I am EVS survivor․ There is 3 days left untill the end of my project. I was so happy and calm in Salakas. I really enjoyed my time here, I've seen the beauty of Grazute park. I've met a lot of nice and interesting people․ I will miss Lithuania very-very much. I want to share with you some beautiful moments from my life in this friendly country)) Thank you all for being there)
Totally shock because superlithuanian kids.
Today I was in the school doing a workshop with children (8-10 years old), and they were able to speak english, maybe not like me or a adult, but quite a lot, with a lot of specific vocabulary like: string, wash, hands, etc, really a lot, I was hoping like very basic english like: hello, blue, red, etc, but I didn't use lithuanian at all.Still surprise.
My lovely Potatoland never stops surprise me.
Volunteer day in Zarasai school
Hi) It's winter here, It's very windy, I've got the visa and I am still alive. I've learnt how to heat the house and now maybe I can survive in winter.
So, about volunteer day. It is the first time in Grazue they have volunteers in volunteer day, because our project should be ended on december 2.
We decided to go to Zarasai school and make some presentations about volunteering in Lithuania, about our experience, about activities and also about opportunities to volunteer in Lithuania or abroad. There were also volunteers from Zarasų krašto žmonių su negalia sąjunga and two new girls from Zarasų viešoji biblioteka library. They talked a little bit about themselves, about their hometowns. I think it can be interesting for school children to listen why young people from other countries decided to come to Lithuania.
And In the end we made a little workshop where these youngsters should find volunteering opportunities in Lithuania on Internet. So, they managed)
Some pictures from that day)
First Lecture in the local School/Pirmas užsiėmimą salako mokykla.
I am little bit of time without post something here, let's try with this business, it is about was the first workshop in the local school about recycling and ecology, do a workshop or something similar can take a little bit of time for me and energy, think about what topic choose, what to do and how to do it, before go to school or do the lecture, I was with some kind of expectation and stress ( not a lot, but it was here ) at the same time I was with a kind of expectation because I wanted a challenge and not a normal work,something new, it started with a little conversation between me ,the director ( Leonas ) and the biology teacher ( she was pretty nice,she shared her class for the lecture..., I don't know if you are reading that, but thank so much ), we started with the lecture and it was pretty easy for me, for them was very difficult in the early started because I was speaking english too fast for them, I explained them what they can do with the different material or products ( plastic/metal, glass,general, organic, others, batteries and mercury staff ),about the clean point in Zarasai,how mercury destroys the human health , and I think what now they know about it pretty good, after the lecture finnished there were a little time, it was perfect because we have used this time to practise English, it was quite nice, even when some of them were pretty shy to speak english, even when they speak english fluendly,they have asked some staff about spain
This staff was pretty nice because It was very easy for me and I realised how much I am learning all the time and I have learnt,but in other hand it was no so good,because it was a little bit easy and not a big challenge and I like challenges.
Nature takes me higher
Here is the video I made for the project "Nature takes me higher".
The oldest volunteer

Laba diena)
It's a long time I haven't write anything, so I want to tell about one of the most important people in Salakas.
One week before I went to this amazing woman's house to take some pictures. We had a good conversation about everything. She gave me raspberries from her garden. I saw all her cats. She has a lot, really a lot.
She told me a story about how she was teaching children in her house during the war, how she collected her sea museum. Now I know that at first the Sea museum was in her house.We talked a lot about how things used to be before, about her experience, about life in Salakas and this kind of stuff.
She is the oldest volunteer I've ever met.
After this nice conversation I was so impressed, that now I have an idea to make a video story about Salakas people and first of all about her.
P.S. And yes, I will stay two months more in Grazute and I'll meet Lithuanian winter.
Some wool gloves and socks, some good tea and maybe I am ready.
Winter is coming)
Workshop in Maguciai
On 4th of june we went to Maguciai to meet children with disabilities. They were happy to see us. And we also were happy to see them. So we started with a little game for concentration. Than we started to paint. Everyone painted the neighbour in front of him. It was really funny and now I have a picture of me)
After we took a big paper and started to paint what we want to do before we grow up. They wanted to have dog, to learn swim (as me), even to tie shoelaces. We said them good bye till september. I hope we will meet again.
A Trip in the Deep of the Forest by Jorge.
I am going to try to share you my thikings and feelings about the trip what we have done in the deep of the Grazute's forest the last weekend,at the beginning I had a little bit of uncertainty about the trip because of I had never done or take part in a excursion like that,neither like player nor helper,them I took my staff and I helped for a long and endless time to introduce all the staff,bags,pots,Spoons,foods,dishes,tent,sleeping bags,knifes,wood and looooooooooooooooong etc and after this we had started to cycling together with Osvaldas,Petres and 29 teenagers(each one with her/his personality and name),the cycling was very nice ,relaxing and it was a real pleasure ,I just wanted to be in this place,not in other places.,we stopped in some places along the path and then Osvaldas started to speak in lithuanian,they were the exactly worlds:
,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,gerai,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,photo,bla,bla,camera,bla,bla,,bla,bla,vyras,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,AŠ,bla,bla,viskas,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,lietuva,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,,bla,bla,and a along etc with too many vocabulary in lithuanian what you probably you don't understand because you are not so good in lithuanian like me.
The trip around Grazute took time were 3 days and 2 night(friday,saturday and sunday),from the beggining it was very relaxing,without tense,physical stress,the first stop was in a idyllic lake called Luodis glued to a little creek, in that place ,we placed our tents(something very enterteiment for some people and what took just some milenium,we made a fire in the place,cooked a soup(with potatoes,pork,carrots,etc),it was fuc**** great(congratulation Osvaldas).At the end I went to the bed 'early'(people went to sleep at 4 o'clock)...
After woke up ,we took all our staff an let start to ciclyng the trail,the trip was relaxing for me,and went to a place not so green but with a wonderfull views where we intalled our tents,we make 2 fires,eat something ,and we enjoyed with a wonderfull ,fantastic and great storm ,because something we have tents,but in general the time was very good ,it was relaxing,distended,enterteimed,and without a main focus,two really funny moments were when Osvaldas descrived about the pain(but real pain,not usual)what he felt when he ate 5 zepelinas(this is a lithuanian bomb made with meat and with conpact potatoes) and the other one was when a guy said in lithuanian 'why Osvaldas bring volunteer what cannot understand,armenian and bulgarian can understand,but spanish...This night ate sweets clouds.
At the next morning we went to 'Partizanu Kalva',Energy Museum' .
It was nice,nature+green+people,the perfect mix...
Nice people

29․05․2015 Ани
Что писать, сначала, когда Витас предложил нам работать с ними, я бояалась, думала, что не справлюсь, но дверь машины открылась, и девочка выбежала из нее счастливая, я позабыла обо всем. Не могу передать словами что я чувствовала, потому что было нечто увидеть их такими радостными, такими увлеченными. Мы играли в игру на память, угадывали насекомое, собирали дрова, листья, трава, после этого построили отель для насекомых. Потом уже раскрашивали маски в форме бабочки․ Им понравилось. В конце уже как обычно, когда бываешь на природе: сделали костер, сосиски поджарили. Я получила удовольствие от работы с ними и хотела бы продолжить встречи.
Family day in Salakas
Ani, 15.05.2015
Well, although it was raining and it was cold the holiday was interesting. We ate pancakes. It was so tasty, I can't forget. We did so many interesting things, we painted on stones and snails, we canoed in length of the river, we did some music with baubles.
So I liked the family day in Lithuania.
EcoRangers Of Gražutės.
Hello,I am Jorge again,this time I would like to share you my personal impression about EcoRangers of Gražutės meetings.First,let me what I explain you what is it, EcoRangers is a group of youngers who are interested in nature,fishing,to play games,cook on fire,etc,something similar (not the same) to scouts,we have done 2 meeting with EcoRangers,the first meeting was a introduction about EcoRangers,it was raining because we couldn't play the outside's game what I have prepared because of it ,I have used the planof inside games like ''name and action'',''drawing places'',''mistery forehead'' and a long etc,do you want to know what is this games?,I am sorry for you ;),come the next time or check this page(,we have created a big ship ,I think everybody enjoyed a lot .
The Second Meeting
The second meeting was after Daron2015,Daron is a cleaning action really,really funny because the form of clean is pile up and make a huge fire, everybody like burn things(maybe it doesn't sound very well when it is told by a person who works in a natural park,but it's like that).Well I prefer not to extend a lot.
The second meeting was easy ,fun and relaxing and activated at the same time and consist in some activities but the most important was the gymcana,2 groups were created ,each team have to hide four questions with a limit of time,it is really emotional ,funny and hasty ,after each group have to go mad looking for the questions of the other group when they have finnished questions have been answered .The weather was really good.
All were perfect,genail and great.
Last week
Last week was full of events. For the first we went to our park with school kids. School children had made nesting boxes for birds and we were walking around forest and trying to find best places for them. After we went to the bird tower and were watching at birdt with telescope. Then I was trying to teach children make an origami. I hope now they can.
On friday we had guests from Visaginas in our visitor center. And I prepared many games for those kids to make the excursion funny.
Finally on saturday was work day and we worked in the park. After me and Veronika went for fishing. We are not good fishers)
Kurtuvėnai and Šiauliai 14-15th of April
Okey... i would like to share a lit bit more about my evs-life.
Two months before I thought that my work in Lithuania would be only walking around the lakes in Grazure Park and doing nothing.However, the truth is totally different.
Everyday my workday starts at 9am and finishes at 17pm. During this time I have to write my project, or to visit meetings that my "Grazute Regional Park" has arranged.
Last week we had a seminar in Kurtovenai,near Siauliai , which in the very first beggining seemed to be boring and pointless but later on I was absolutely surprized of the implementation of the event. After the official part of the day we went to a house in the forest totally isolated and the fun part began. The hosts were organized traditional lithuanian night with dances and food. Me and the other volunteers were the youngest people there but I would say that all of the participants were so involved in the program that I hadnt felt even for a moment dissimilar. The other very strange thing for me was that there werent internet connection and in my ordinary life it would be the biggest problem ever , but this night and these people were sо pleasing, companionable, jolly and engaging that I completelly forgot about the life outside.
In the morning we went to "The Hill of Crosses". This was in my list "To visit" in Lithuania , so apparantly I was incredibly happy and my travel spirit was satisfied.
Seminar for teachers 7.04.2015

Laba diena. It was a very positive week. We had guests from all Lithuania. I prepare for teachers a game in the visitor center. It was a way to learn Russian. The game was very funny. It was the first time in my life when I should teach something teachers. After a game in visitor center we went to the forest do some outdoor activities. We played many games and after we made tea and cakes in the fire.
My first month In Salakas 08.04.2015

Its been a month since I came here. The truth is that it is still very cold and still feel like I am on the North Pole.
Nevermind ! Many things happened during this period. I went to Vilnius , Kaunas and I spend the Easter in Riga.
I met another volunteers in Lithuania , even I found a bulgarian one.
I also have many many work to do , linked with youch exchange planning and cultivating an eco-garden.
I am very excited about the garden , because I expect to produce very much and very sweet little strawberries.
My aim is after we collect the harvest to make some strawberries jam!
What I am doing in my free time is riding a bike. Everyday I am exploring different places around my village.This could be count like fitnes I think :P
And at least , the best and the most important to me was ... I FOUND OUT JOGURT :)
From this day on I feel , there is nothing I would miss anymore !
Earth Day in Grazute park 19.03.2015

We celebrated Earth day in Grazute park with school children. It was very nice day with more emotions. Аt first we were in our office. I made a presentation about stone art, after that kids painted stones. They brought so many stones, it was really funny. When we finished to paint stones, we've went out from office and have made cookies and tea in fire. After all these activities we went to forest, near to lake. Veronika and Jorge prepared some games with adults. So it was one of the funniest days during my EVS.
Savanorystė ir asmeninis tobulėjimas
2015 03 18
Ieškojau savęs ir savo vietos pasaulyje, prasmingos veiklos. Pabaigusi bakalauro studijas nenorėjau strimgalviais vėl šokti ir studijuoti magistrą, nes nebuvau tvirtai apsisprendusi, ką norėčiau toliau studijuoti, man reikėjo viską apmąstyti. Beieškant darbo susidūriau su idėja apie savanorystę ir pagalvojau, kad po bakalauro baigimo tam būtų puikus metas – ryžausi pradėti 3 mėnesių trukmės savanorystę Gražutės regioninio parko direkcijoje, Salake.
Savanorystė Gražutės regioninio parko direkcijoje buvo tikrai nenuobodi, jos metu teko atlikti daug įvairių ir gan skirtingų darbų – parko internetinės svetainės atnaujinimas, renginių organizaciniai darbai, naujų leidinių ir kai kurių dokumentų ruošimas, viešųjų pirkimų darbai.
Savanorystė davė man daug gero – praplėčiau žinias, pagerinau jau turimus ir įgavau naujų įgūdžių, turėjau galimybę save išbandyti, suprasti, kokia veikla man yra įdomi, kas sekasi geriausiai, įgyti patirties, kas, tikiuosi ateityje man duos daug naudos.
Pagrindinis ir išskirtinis savanoriško darbo bruožas – savanoriai negauna piniginio atlygio. Jiems atlyginama kitaip – savanoriai už savo darbą gauna emocinį pasitenkinimą, savirealizaciją, dalyvavimą bendraminčių grupėje, mokymosi procesą, darbinę patirtį, naujus socialinius ir profesinius įgūdžius, supratimą, palaikymą ir t.t. Tai taip pat yra atlygis, tik išreikštas ne pinigine forma. Savanoriškoje veikloje lyg ir savaime suprantamu dalyku yra tai, kad savanorystės tikslas – kažką kitiems suteikti arba duoti: laiką, gebėjimus, žinias, artimą ryšį ir pan. Bet savanoriui taip pat svarbu gauti vienokį ar kitokį, kad ir ne pinigine forma išreiškiamą atlygį; svarbu išlaikyti balansą tarp to, ką savanoris duoda ir to, ką savanoris gauna. Siekiant suorganizuoti kokybišką savanorišką veiklą, svarbus tampa antras kriterijus, kuomet savanorystę galima palyginti su svarstyklėmis.
Gintarė, Gražutės regioninio parko savanorė
Kaunas City
2015 03 16
Hi all
I am Ani, I am 24 and I am an Armenian EVS volunteer In Salakas.
During the last weekend me and my roommate, the other volunteer from Bulgaria, decided to go to Kaunas.
We spent there one day and were walking in the streets, in the market, we saw many people, many places and meet other volunteers.
I made some photos. Enjoy)
My first Marathon
I am Jorge, 23 years old, from Spain, and you are going to read how I have felt the marathon of independence lithuanian day.I had just come Salakas and Vytas said me something like: "The city hall is preparing a marathon to the day of the independence lithuanian day, do you want take part?" and I replied: "Of course", It was a bad answer because I never run.
The marathon was the 11 March 2015, it was that day 25 years before Lithuania got the independence of Russia-Soviet Union, first we celebrated a event to thank ucranians who help lithuanians... I lived like usually felt all what sound lithuanian, when you are between lithuanian,you can understand nothing because of I usually focus in other kind of things like the body language, the clothes, or the emotions, there were a lot of kind of people like children, a group of volunteers of the lithuanian army, parents with their kids, some politician and of course partners of "Grazute". I amazed about the event how lithuanians sang the national anthem, they look like so serious and obviously they involve a lot of their own feelings.
Later ,the marathon started, it was a intense experience, I met a lot of people children of Salakas's school, volunteers of the lithuanian army. At the end of the marathon a act related with lituania started, I lost the act because the right of my hip and my left knee were too fened(never run a marathon with train before),later spicy rice and tea were given to runners and viewers, then the runners went to take the medals where I found a cake and even a concert(check the recording).
The truth is what during all day I didn't feel like in another country,a hostile place or strange place it was a nice experience...
Jorge, volunteer
My first impression about Lithuania
2015 03 04
So,this is my first EVS article,lets try writing.
I am Veronika and I am a bulgarian EVS volunteer.I am 23,just finished my bachelor and I have the whole time in my life to do what I want. This is my second time being in Lithuania,and my first time being for so long time.The first time I came here was almost two years ago and I spent 1 month in a very small village-Antaliepte.It was the most amazing month in my life!I have never been in such a calm and peaceful place.We were 11 volunteers from 5 different countries and we had to build a bike route in the forest.The truth is that I totally fell in love with that piece of the earth,so that’s why I am back for the second time! Usually,I have problems with the airports in general,once they lost my luggage or they cancel my flight,but I am always prepared for that kind of “mistakes”and this time the only thing that happened was my damaged suitcase.At least its good I had an insurance ! :)
Salakas,the place that I am going to live for the next 9 months is two hours away from the capital of Lithuania (Vilnius).I knew where I am going to sleep,but I didn’t see it before.I still remember my mums words in my head “Are you sure that its going to have a hot water all the time ? And are you sure that you are going to have your own room ?"..HAHAHA Yes,mum I have a separated room,hot water all the time,washing machine,radiator,iron and everything that we have in home:)
The only thing that they don’t have is an yogurt(or I just cant find it in shops).Thats gonna miss me I guess!
And in conclusion people are friendly, nature is adorable, food is tasty.Hope soon to learn any words in Lithuanian and make a lot of fun with the natives!
See you soon :)
Veronika, volunteer
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