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Unzip your tent, and while camping enjoy the spectacular landscape of Gražutė Regional Park, the transparent lakes and the forest bathed in birdsong. If you choose to spend a night at a campsite, you might be wakened by the song of the colourful robin, the soughing of pine trees or the pleasant sound of waves breaking on the lake. Camping at official campsites will be a restful experience, and you will also support local communities and help to preserve nature in Lithuania! For real nature lovers, we offer a rest under the starlight sky by a smouldering fire at the Park campsites, and for romantics – an unforgettable and nostalgic overnight stay in hay racks covered with hay in Vajasiškis village...

Sabalunkai campsite by Lake Luodis

This campsite is equipped for people with reduced mobility, but all visitors are welcome. There is a canoe quay, boat launch, parking lot and toilet with armrests on the campsite. The campsite is situated on the southwest part of Lake Luodis. You can reach it by taking the Salakas – Dūkštas road, at a distance of 1km from Salakas.

Darius Šileikis’ Bikėnai campsite

This is a perfect place for people looking for peaceful or family rest. The campsite is located on the eastern shore of the Antalieptė Reservoir with a beautiful panoramic view; there is a swimming spot and parking lot next to it. The campsite was awarded the product logo of Gražutė Regional Park. Contacts: e-mail., phone +37062423838

Campsite Bikėnų valtinė

This campsite is next to the river Šventoji, and you can reach it by taking the Degučiai - Salakas road. You will find a boathouse, bar, sauna and water entertainment. The campsite is administered by Degesa UAB.

Salakas campsite

The campsite is installed on the western shore of Lake Luodis, 0.7km from Salakas. It is equipped with a basketball court, sand beach, toilets, summerhouses and a parking lot. The Salakas interpretive hiking trail is next to the campsite, so while staying here you will be able to rest and get to know the features of Gražutė Park.

Asavas campsite.

This campsite is on the northern shore of Asavas lake, 6km from Salakas on the way from Salakas to Zarasai.

Degučiai campsite

Campsite is situated on the shore of Samanis Lake, next to Degučiai town, at the 1st kilometre of the Degučiai – Salakas road. This is the beginning of the Degučiai interpretive hiking trail, so while staying here you will be able to rest and get to know the features of Gražutė Park.

The 5,000 star hotel.

For real romantics and nostalgia lovers, the Vajasiškis rural community offers exclusive entertainment – an overnight stay in hayracks covered with hay in the apple-tree orchard.
Contacts: phone +370676 34825, e-mail:


• While in the park, camp only at installed campsites and light fires only in special fireplaces.
• If there is no rubbish container on a campsite, do not burn, bury or leave the rubbish. Take everything that you brought with you. Leave the campsite in the same state in which you would like to find it the next time.
• Use the toilet at the campsite, if there is no toilet – do not go nearer than 30m to the water. Use the cat’s method: dig, do your thing and cover. Always take hygiene pantiliners and wipes away from nature. Animals are able to dig them up just as successfully as you bury them.
• Behave in a civilised manner; respect the rest of the other campers in nature.